Are you one of those who dream of driving a sports car someday, or are you a fan of expensive cars? Sometimes when we see a precious sports car that attracts our eyes, we immediately pick up the phone and take a picture.  

The question is, who owns it? Are you curious? Do you want to catch up with the owners of the sports car of your dreams? 

Most of them are known to do well in the industry, and most are passionate about sports cars. Perhaps we can see that they are some of the fastest-growing and wealthiest people out there. In this article, I will give you the lists of some famous artists who owned some fancy cars.  

Enrique Gil’s automobile collection 

Enrique Gil rose to prominence as a famous actor, TV actor, and dancer is working on the television shows “Budoy and Princess and I.” 

He was ranked first on the 2013 list of the 100 Best Men. For many, his attempt at musical theater and modeling classes at the age of 16 was incredible. It is also a significant step toward his goal of landing several TV commercial sports videos. 

Enrique Gil’s net worth is now estimated to be around Php 200 million gain of his efforts. 

He is also very interested in automobiles. A red Dodge Nitro (about Php 1.8 million) and a Chevrolet Camaro 2009 (about Php 3.3 million) stand out in Enrique Gil’s car collection. 

Aljur Abrenitsa Car Collection  

Aljur Abrenitsa began her career in several popular TV shows on the GMA Network, including The Machete, The Last Prince, Zaido, and Diesel. 

He currently has a new home on FPJs Ang Probinsyano ABS CBN and is enjoying his new role as the father of his son Uno Ulas.  

Alura Abrenica’s net worth is 50 million pesos. It took some time for Kapamili’s new actor Alyur Abrenica to return to the entertainment industry. His stepfather can buy this car with the money he earned while working for Kapuso Network. 

The SRT8 392 model (approximately Php 4,250,000) with a 470-hp 6.4L SRT9 Hemi V8 motor is the one to be listed in Aljur Abrenica’s car collection.  

Dingdong Dantes’ automobile collection

Dingdong Dantes, also known as Marian Rivera’s husband, is a “big boss” in the industry because he owns YES Pinoy Foundation, Inc, a company that educates promising talents based on three main recruitment criteria: Young, Empowered, and Service-Oriented. 

Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes met through their MariMar teleserye. To be more specific, it was when he played MariMar’s love interest, Sergio SantibaƱez. 

Dingdong Dantes’ net worth, while less than his wife’s, is still considered significant – Php 150 million. 

So, what exactly is in Dingdong Dantes’s car collection? As shown, we have a Silver Maserati Granturismo (approximately Php 7.2 million). 

I hope that in this article you have learned something from getting to know the owners of luxury cars and their status when it comes to money.   

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