Now that the pandemic has begun, it’s hard to get to work because you can catch the virus from your interactions with public transport. 

Are you tired of commuting and tired of traffic in the Philippines? 

Are you a beginner and looking for a motor that will suit you? 

Good news! Because Yamaha Philippines has released the best and most effective motorcycle for traffic.  

Whether you’re a beginner and don’t have good athletic skills, or you’ll want to upgrade to a new bike, Introduce the fastest and most proven Yamaha motors. Read carefully and choose a bike that fits you. 


The Yamaha Aerox 155 2021 price in the Philippines ranges from 112,900 to 132,900 pesos.  

In the Philippines, it is available in three colors and two variants. The Aerox 155 has a 155-cc engine and a Variable Speed gearbox.  

The Yamaha Aerox 155 has a ride height of 790 mm and an unloaded weight of 124 kg.  

The Aerox 155 has disc front brakes and drum rear brakes, as well as ABS.  

Over 35 users rated the Aerox 155 based on its features, mileage, seating comfort, and engine performance. The Aerox 155’s main rivals are Nmax, Click 150i, ADV 150, and Air Blade. 

5 Stars Reviews from Christian  

If you want a two-wheeler that is inexpensive, easy to maintain, has good fuel economy and can be used for daily commuting, consider the Yamaha Mio Aerox.  

The Aerox is a stylish maxi-scooter that comes in a variety of color options.  

The scooter is aerodynamic, with an aggressive front end. The 155c engine generates 18PS of power. 

That’s plenty for city streets. Scooters are popular because they are easy to maneuver in city traffic.  

The Mio Aerox fits this category.  

Includes ABS and check engine warning lights. The Mio Aerox is a helpful scooter. 


The Yamaha Nmax 2021 cost in the Philippines goes from 119,900 to 144,500 pesos. 

In the Philippines, it is accessible in four tones and two variations.  

The Nmax is in charge of a 155cc motor with a Variable Speed transmission.  

The Yamaha Nmax has a 765 mm seating tallness and a Kerb weight of 131 kg. The Nmax is fit out with plate front and back brakes, just as ABS. 

Nmax has a rate of 34 clients dependent on its elements, mileage, seating solace, and motor execution. Aerox 155, ADV 150, PCX160, and Xmax are Nmax’s fundamental rivals. 

5 Stars Review from Herren 

During this pandemic, it was becoming increasingly difficult for me to travel by public transportation. As a result of extensive online research, I purchased a Yamaha Nmax. The bike drew my attention because of its low price and ease of use.  

Before purchasing this, I had no idea that commuting within the town could be easy and quick.  

Some of the notable features that deserve to introduce are traction control, a stop-start engine system, and keyless ignition. The bike is also slender and light in weight, which I find appealing. Riding this through traffic is also a pleasurable experience. 

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