Tokyo Revengers is a delinquent anime released in 2021. It is one of the most popular anime nowadays. The first Tokyo Revengers chapter was released in Kodansha’s Shonen Magazine in 2017. Additionally, in 2021 the author, Ken Wakui, announced that they would be releasing their final arc. How does this relate to motorcycles?

Well, here in CarBlogPro, we will analyze the nooks and crannies of this anime and how it will lead to a new wave of motorcycle enthusiasts in 5 to 15 years in the future. So, join us as we uncover this enigmatic anime and the future it holds.  


The Selling Point    

There’s a significant motif that delinquents usually have: bleached hair, two are identical uniforms, lastly, their uniquely-designed motorcycles. The underlying quality that we typically see in these delinquent series is gang culture and violence, which is normal and marketable when attracting a young crowd of teenagers.  

The story starts with the play Hanagaki Takemitchi, a young adult, a 24-year-old who got transferred back to 2005, where he got introduced to his gang members as a delinquent teenager.  


Tokyo Revengers and The Slam Dunk Effect  

Slam Dunk had a cultural impact on the sneakerhead community. Hanamichi Sakuragi wore a Nike Air Jordan 6, which Nike took advantage of. After publication, the shoe company created a signature model for the anime character a few decades later. Other anime series followed as well. Neon Genesis Evangelion released a signature guitar from Fender, their own line of New Balance Sneakers, and even watches.   

Gundam had a stint on the Sneaker market as well, as they have released Gundam Unicorn custom sneakers from 361 Degrees. 361 is a Chinese company specializing in running shoes, and finally, they released their own Air Jordan 1 signature sneakers from Nike. But the biggest marketing move that Gundam pulled was their own Char Aznable, the protagonist of Gundam Origins. A spinoff of the original series where he was the antagonist, had a signature Toyota vehicle. Char Aznable’s Zeonic Toyota Auris.   


Why Do They Have Bikes At 12-15 Years Old?  

A huge character flaw of Tokyo Revengers is that they are kids, and kids don’t drive motorcycles. However, this can be justified by looking at the key demographic of the Shonen anime community, mostly 12 to 16-year-old kids. now given the fact that Shonen anime would run for at least a decade if they get successful, like One Piece and Naruto. If they get lucky, they get to pull off a Dragon Ball Z where they can run for about two generations. Now given that idea, I think it’s safe to say that after their key demographic grows up in 8 to 15 years, there will be a classic bike revival. It’s not just any bike, it’s the delinquent bikes that the Tokyo Revengers characters used. 

What Bikes Got Featured In Tokyo Revengers?  

You may have noticed that Mikey from Tokyo Revengers had a signature model. It was a good graphic in the manga as it emphasized how cool Mikey was. n the story, Mikey got his motorcycle from his brother because his brother ran a motorcycle shop. His brother was modding a bike for his brother. This bike was a Honda CB250T for the manga. I’m not sure how they will cite it in the anime. Also, the lead character Takemichi had a motorcycle as well. It was an identical bike like what Mike used in this story, so expect a revival of the Honda CB250T in the future or get an endorsement from other Japanese motorcycle companies who offer 250CC motorcycles. Suzuki has some, Kawasaki has some, and Yamaha has some.   

The whole Yankee scenes of Tokyo Revengers have specific motorcycle looks that are exclusive only in Japan. These are cafe racer bikes. Of course, most of those featured in the anime and in the manga have mods like extra hoods and an extra backseat, but it’s the same old deal. Modding is a part of bicycle culture. 


What Led to Tokyo Revengers and their Fascination with Motorcycles? 

Now you would wonder why do these kids have motorcycles? And the simplest thing I can cite culturally isn’t James Dean in the wild one. That’s a good one, but a contemporary anime masterpiece as well. It is the 1989 movie and a successful Shonen manga series, Akira. The movie is a dystopic and cyberpunk masterpiece. One of the few cyberpunk stories that had cultural significance. It inspired several sci-fi titles also. The motorcycle scene got copied a lot, not just in anime but in other movies. It was in cartoons as well. It was referenced in Batman, in the Matrix, Pokémon, in Gintama, and others.  

Besides, the motorcycle scene got referenced a lot and by a lot, meaning even the animators in Studio Ghibli, Warner, and even Disney took notes from them. Akira had a story of two main characters that loved motorcycles and their kids as well. They’re in high school delinquents as well, so there goes our in-depth analysis on why the Tokyo Revengers series will lead to a new generation of motorcycle enthusiasts in the years to come.   



Tokyo Revengers became a household name overnight, and this can be a huge opportunity for marketing Japanese motorcycles in Japan and other foreign countries. Leave us a comment below if we missed anything, or check out our blog for more content.

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